Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

2o6 Theright manner ofSanblifying the vertandbe healed. This is a ftrange Scripture : What, mull a Prophet go to them to make their hearts fat, and to fhuc their eyes ? why, the word is appointed toopenmetes eyes, but here the Prophet is fent to thus their eyes that they might not be con- verted ; this is dreadful, this is for the punifhment of fome for- mer neglat of the word of God fens unto this people ; above all Judgments you Ihould be afraidof this : It is not fo much that a fire fhould be upon your houfes, as that God fhould make his word tobe a means to harden your hearts. In ETek. p+. we have a dreadful eitpreffion to this purpolb, by the Prophet there, where the Lord faith, The people did come to enquire of him, with fetcing up their Idols in their hearts, but faith God, I will anfwer themaccording to their Idol. If men come to the Mini- ftryof theWord with their beloved fins, and refolve that they will not part with them, the Lord many times in his juft judg- ment, fuffers fome things in the word to be accidentally a means to harden them in that fin of theirs. I will anfwer them accor- ding to their Idol. Thofe men are in a dreadful &ate whofe hearts come tobe hardened by the word. 9. Ninthly : If thou doeft not fandifieGods Name in the of the word, what comfort cantt thou ever have by the word in the day of afilittion ? Certainly when the day of thy aftlidion comes, then there is nothing can comfort thee but the word : (Unlefi thy Lawbad been my delight ( faith `David,) fhould then have perifhed in mineaffliffion : But thou having een exercifed in the word fo much, and Gods Name not fan- Ctified, thou Emit not expett to have thy foul comforted in the day of thyafflittion. No marvel then though the word hath been applied again and again to your hearts , and nothing would flick. I remember it was an expreffion ofone in a great deal of terror of confcience ; many came to apply comfortable Scriptures to him,and he himfelf for a whiledid take thofe Scrip- tures, and lay themuponhis heart to pacifie his troubled confci- ence ; but a little beforehe died, he cries out with a molt fearful terror, There is afair (Plaiftermade, but it will not flick, on, it will not flickon, fo died delpairing. So there is in the word lush a philter as may help a wounded and troubled confcience ; but canft thou expett that haft nbc fan&ified Gods Name in thy life time