Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

dame of God in hearing h W o. R. D. 213' Prevails in thy foul, thou haft alwaies got fointhing in thy heart that wil tel thee how things are with thee in Heaven, and what Ihall become of thee for al eternity. Oh who would not fanai- fie the Name of God in hearing of his Word, teeing is is fuch a bleffedWordwherein the Gofpel is opened with more clearnefs than it hash been to many ofour fore - fathers. 2. It is a certain evidence ofyour eleet ion, in neff. 1. 334,5; rliemembring without ceafingyour wor!of faith, and labor of Love, andpatience ofhope in our Lard7eftts Chrifi in the fight of god and our Tather,Anowingbrethren, belovedyour elati- on ofgod; Why ? Tor our gofpel came not toyou in word on- y, but alfo in power, and in theholy gholl, and inmuch a ;t- rance. And know this excellency there is in fanaifying Gods Name in hearing the word ; I befeechyou mark it, chat it is a morebleffed thing, than if you did bear Jefus Chrift in your wombs : You that are women, would not youhave accounktd it a great happinefs if Chrift had been born inyour wombs ? Now ifthou cornett to thehearing of the word, and fanetifieft Gods Name in i,thou arc in a better condition, and haft a greater blef- fingupon thee,than if thou hadft born Jefus Chrift in thy womb. Luk.11.27,2 8. .And it came topail as hefpakethefe thing' ,that a certainwomanofthe company, lift upher ivoyce, and raidunto him, Tlefled it the womb that bear thee,and thepapf which thou baillucked. See mg Chrift, andwhat gracious things came from him, the fpake fo ; But he laid, Yea,rather bleffed are they that hear the Word ofgod,and keep it. That is,Labor to lanai&my Name (as hash been opened in theparticulars) rather is that wo- man bleffed that doth fo, than the woman that bear Chilli : Me thinks this one Scripture should be fuch a Scripture for women,to caufe chem to fanaifieGods Name in hearing of the word,inftead of a hundred ScripLures; certainly thou rnaift be fo bletted,if thou wilt beleeve the word that comes fromChrifts mouth.. 3. Doyou fanatfie theNameof God in the word, that wil fan- aifie you, by that your fouls come to be fanatfied, & it wilcom- fort you in the day ofyour aftlietion, and it wil Pave you at laft. 44. You that do fanthfie Gods Name in hearingofhis word,you' wil be the glory of the Minifters ofGod at the great day of Judg- meat Youwil be an honor to them before the Lord, and his Saints