Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

.r4 4. The right manner ofSanatbing the Nameofgod Saints andAngels. In Phi/. 2.16. 'Holding forth ("faith the Text) the Word ofLife. This is the Duty ofall thehearers of the Word, that they muff hold forth the wordof Life. When yougo home, youmutt hold forth the power of the word you hear well, what will become ofchat That imay rejoyce in the dayofCbriji, that I have not run in vain, neither labored in wain : Let that be one Motive amongft the reit. Saith the Apo- file, This will be fuch a glory to me, That I in the dayofJefus 4.Cbrill 'ball rejoyce, tbatihave not labored in 'vain, I fhall biers God for al my ttudies and care, and al the pains that ever Ihave taken, and venturingmy felf for this people , I that blefs God in theday of Jefus Chrift. Would i t not be a comfortable thing to - you, that all the Miniftersof God that come to preach the word faithfully toyou, if at the day of Chrift you fhould hear them. bleffing God that ever he did fend them to preach the Gofpel in fuch a place, andyou fhould hear them laying, 0Lord, it may behad I been fent to another place, and I ihouldhave fpent all my ftrength in vain, but through thymercy I was fent toa tea- chable people that were, ready co imbrace thyWord ; Oh ! this is my crown and glory. Would it not to do good to any whole hearts are faithful, to think this, That their holding forth the word of Life, will not only bea glory toGod, which is thechief, but it wil be a glory to the Minifters, to recompence all their la- bors, that you Thal not only be lavedyour felves in the day ofje- fus Chrift, but you 1114 add to the glory of his faithful Minders likewife when they do'appearbefore Chrift. 5. I than add one particular more : There is a time coming r whenGod that magnifie his Word;andmake it honorable. What a joy fhal it be to theewhen theLordbeforemenand Angels alai come tomagnifie his word, andmake it honorable ; for thee then to think,This is the.word chat fpoke to my heart at fuch and fuch a time, this is that word that I,did reverence,that I did obey, that I did love, that I made tobe the joy ofmy heart ; this word the Lordnow doch magnifie, andmake to be honorable : This will becomfortable to thy foul. :r x.E