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The Contents. Page jhould teach tit 100 is God is jug, arni what that fhould teach us tor 12. God is Faithful, and what we ihouldlearn thence 102 . MalrameavereePte.ftere......a....*00.s SERMON, VII. vv. warearrwamim, Reafons wby God will be SanCtified in all the Duties ofhis Worfhip. God cloth wil himfelfthe lag end. 04 z The *nal glory God bath in the world,is, to heaaively honored. 105 3 The Dutievofworfhip are the means to convey Godschoiceg mercies ibid 4 we are not fitted to receive mercies, but by fana ifying Gods Name ibid 5 Elie we ihould not hold out in duty. Io6 Application. 1 We have no caufe to regon our duties 107 T'ae work of Religion is hard to flefh and blood 109 We fhould be humbled that we have no more fanaifiedGods dame 110 4 Exhortation to fanaifie Gods Name 113 ';roconfider we have to den!with God in worfhip 114 2 Not to come in our own grength 115 3 Not to be longedwith the duty done. ibid 5 God is dipeafed with the duties of wicked men x16 s God blags labmen i17 z God opens their Eyes on their death-beds to fee what they have done x18 d Thole that lanaifie Gods Xame, be will fanaifie it in a way of mercy 119 1110tleamommeme lawomaamme...41cessomans SERMON, VIII. fag&ifying Gods None in hearing Page the Word 161 Hearing the word a part of Gods wor- t P 162 I We profers our dependance upon God for the knowing ofhis mind 163 z In hearing we wait on God in the' way of an Ordinance ibid In hearing the Word. 1 There mug be a preparation. 165 Which is, 1 To hear the word as theword of God 166 ., To hear the word as Gods Ordi- nance for our good ibid z To plough up the fallowground of the heart, and what is meant by it 168 3 Refoligtion toyield to all truths deli- vered x7o 4 defire after the word ibid 5 Prayer before we hear the word 171 The behavior of the Soul in hearing the Word. s Careful attention to it, ibid Means tohelp attention ibid z An opening of the heart to receive it 17i 3 Careful applying of the word ibid' 4 It mug be mixed withfaith 177 How the word is to be mixed with faith ibid 4...1. +10Mielseseave SERMON, I X. P 5 The.word muff be received with meekntfs 169 6 it muft be heard with a trembling heart 181 7 With bumble fubjeaion to the word =az a it tuft be receivedwith love and joy 584 9 It mug be received into an honea heart 18E 16 We MOhide the word in otir hearts 189 II We