Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

The Contents. Page IT We mug turn the word into praliice 192 SERMON, X. ----- Why God will beglorified in them that bear the word 195 Becaufe there is fo much ofGod in it ibid 2. Godbath appointed it to convey fpe- cial mercies ibid 3 It is quick and lively in working 196 Life 1. Reproofof feveral forts ofmen concerning the wordneedled 197 The fearful ellate of chafe that do not fanetifie God in his word 2.00 x They lofe the cboiceft opportunity ibid z The word will be agreat aggrava.tion offin ibid 3 They that repel the word/gal Chrili 2, or 4 It is an argument ofhardnefs ofheart 202 it is a fad fign of `2eprobation ibid 6 To fuch there can be nothing fanftified 203 7 They are nigh to a curie ibid 8 it will turn to their damnation 2,05 9 it wit not comfort them in ar aims 206 xo God wil make his wordgood upon them 207 I "1 The worclfhalludg them ibid iz God wil blaft them that fannifienot his Xame in his ward 208 Ufe z, exhortation togltorifre the word of God 2,09 God wit lanai fie his Name in mercy upon thofe that fanaifie it in hearing the word ZIO 'I All thegoodin the world is theirs, ib. 2 it is acertain evidence of their eletti- on 213 3 ,God will fantliPe them by the word 2,14 4 They wit be theglory ofthe aliniflers at the dayof aria. ibid 5 it rejoice them hereaftgr wheal Page God (hall magnifle his Word 215 lealasilmesamft, SERMON, XI. , .. forms* Of fan&ifying the Name of God in receiving the Sacrament. 235 i Receiving the Sacrament is apart of Gods worfhip 2,2,6 2, Gods ?Came nutfi befanitified in our receiving the Sacrament. 2,28 Becaufe there are prefented thegrea- teft myfleries offalvation ibid z tt is an ordinance that chria hatb left out of his love ibid 3 It is the Sacrament of our commu. nion with Chriff zzg 4 The Covenant of grace is fealed in , it ibid zNo duty is urged withmore growl) andfeverity ibid 3 Nothing Pikes more upon mens con- iCiences. 230 Howmen are to Sanetifie Gods Name in the Sacrament z; r Thole that receive it mutt be holy z3z Becaufe it is thefeat ofthe covenant ibid z-it is an Ordinance of fpiritual nou- rifhrnent 233 3 Becaufewe are required to examine > our [elves ibid 4 It is a facrament ofcommunionwith God and the Saints 2,34 Z It mmg be received in an holy cOMINti- nion ibid wicked men not -to be admitted to this communion 235 *margoaassowargevaawerse SERMON, -XII., Addition to theformer concerning holy' communion 142 The qualifications in the foul to fit it for receiving the Lords Supper 144 K,noroledg ibid z A broken heart 146 3 4ehi,41 purging the heart from 174,249 4 I71.1070/T