Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

Goi etWorthip o The Right Manner of drawing nigh to God.,in General : Andparticularly in theft Three great ORD 1 N AN C E S : I . Hearingofthe WORD. Viz. 2 qcceiving the Lords SUPPE 3. PRAYER. Leviticus, 10. 3. Then Mofes raid unto Aaron,This is it that theLord fpale,faying; 1 wit befanEfified in them that come nighme, and before al the (People I will beglorified. .And Aaron held his peace.. ++s ++++ words are rhefpeech of 'More' to Aaron 4040444441 his Brother, endeavoring to quiet and corn- . fort his heart, which was ( no queftion ) ex-- 1114 *4. ceedingly troubled upon that great antfore .4.4442.44 affliotion that was upon him, in the ftrange 4444144+ death ofhis twoSons, Wadab and Abiba : The ftory is this : After Aaron, Sons were Confecrated to the Prieftly Office, they coming to attend this their Office, the very firar day after their confecration to offer Incence unto God, they; ventured tooffer Incenfe with ftrange Fire, with other Fire thaw a t od