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The Contents. Page 4 Hungring and thirfling after Nits aria, 25T 5 Exercife of Faith 252, 6 Exerczfe of1Piritual Joy Z55 7 Tbankfulnef? - ibid 8 Renewing ofCovenant 2,57 9 Rgnewing of love towards God and our 'brethren ' 158 *. SERMON, XIII. we mull keep to the inaitution in the - Sacrament 26.1 Por the gefture 262 Delivering it to all in general,and not into every particular mans hand 2264 3 That the communicants be all the while exercifect in their thoughts about the death of chrill 265 - Meditations in receiving the Sacra- ment 267 1-That the way ofmans falvation it is through a Mediator ibid 2. This Mediator between Gad and man is true Man ibid 3 That his body was broken, and his blood flied for us 268 4 It was the body and blood ofasat per- fon that is God, that 'reconciles us. ib. 5 To confider the dreadfulnefi ofGods in/lice ibid 6 The price of (aving a foul 269 7 The greatell of the evil offin ibid 8 The ingrate love of God to mankind ibid 9 That &lavers fhali be npurilhed to eternal life ibid xo To Meditate upon the covenant of grace to beleevers 270 Holy di&ofitions to toe nauiyedin recei- Page ving the Sacrament 275 OF SACtifying the Name of God in 1 Prayer z7z what preparationwe are to make to pra- yer 274 I Concerning the matter ofPrayer,z76 z Concerning the manner of Prayer z8o i Concerning wandring tkorights in Pra- i yer 282 1 ,............. .............. .,............. am I. NE ... SERMON, XIV. A further enlargment concerning wand-. ring thoughts in Prayer 2.83 i Five Rules to help again a wandring thoughts r Set an high price upon the dutieizsb8 of ibid prayer 2 To renew refolutions againa wan- dying thoughts 187 3 T olet the pre fence ofGod 12(Pre us z88 4 re account all wandring thoughts ibid evil 5 To blef? God if at any time be did help us againft them 289 I 3 For fantlifyingGods Name in prayer, 1 there mu(t be the breathings of the Spirit 289 I4There mug bepure hearts and hands z6z 5 we mufl call upon God in truth ibid 6 we muff pray in Faith 293 7 In the fpirit of adoption 2,94 8 we mutt praywith conftancy ibid 9 we mult pray in humility DO we muff tender up all our prayers in 1 the dame of Chrig 296 i COnagflOn01 all I . 297 GOSPEL,