Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

to The right manner ofdrawingnigh there was a place that was Holy, but then it had an Inftitution from God. And fo for garments, to ufe thofe that are decent the light of reafon is enough : buc if I wil put any thing upon them beyond what there is in them in their own Nature, as heretofore in a Surplis, what, Had that any moredecency in its own nature, but onlymans Inflitution ? Now when man (hall put a Religi- ous refpeft upon a thing, byvenueofhis own Inflitution when he hath not a Warrant fromGod ; Here's fuperftition wemutt al be Willing worfhipers,buc not Wil-worfhiperg; We muff come freely to worfhip God ; but we muff not worfhip God accor- ding to our own wils, and therefore what ever we do in the Wor- fhifS of God, ifwe have not a warrant for ic, when this is laid, W o requireth thisat yourhands ? It will flop our moutliiiiio- ther day : InWatt& 15. 9. In vain do they Worfhip me, teaching for (Doffrin the Commandments of men. In vain : is is a vain thing to Worfhip God, when there is nothing buc a Coinman- dement of man for his Worthy. Ifyou wouldWorthip God, you mutt have a Commandemenr of God for the Worfhip : And in lfa. 29. 13. There is a place to the fame purpofe, that thews how the Lord is offended with any man that thall teach his fear by their ownprecepts, Wherefore the Lord faid, (Forafrnuch ar thispeople draw neer me with their mouth,andwith their lips do honor me, but have removed their (Heart far fromme, and their fear towardsme taught by theprecepts ofmen. Mark it : Now if this be fo, the Lordhave mercyupon us in this thing. YOu have caufe to be humbled every one of you ; I beleeve in fame degree or other, this Congregation very much, and molt Congregations that have had the fear of God taught them by the precepts of men : Howmany things have there beenin the Worthip of God that you can thew no warrant in the Word for A great many things [needy mens inventions; however they are now caft our, becaufe Authority came in and caft themour, and foyoUfubmit to it ; but-that is not enough for you to eubrnit to it becaufe Authority would have it fo ; but you ought to be humbled be- . fore God for all your. Will- worfhip, for all youryieldings to any thing in the Worfhip of God, that was taught by theprecepts of men : You fee how fevere God was to Xlclab andAbibu for but taking otherfire than that whichGod had !ppointed to offer up Incense