Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

The right manner ofdrawing mgb ter is it ? But God (fonds upon it, Ad fo when the men of 'Beth. Ihemefbdid but look into the At k, it 611 the lives of Fifty thou- / fand threercore and ten men. If it be a matter of a holy thing that concerns his Worfhip, he would not have it abufed in any thing. Let us learn to make Confcience of little things in the Worfhipof God, and not to think, 0how nice fuch are, and how precife and nice in fuch fmal things ! Thou doeft not under- florid the natureof Divine Worfhip if fo be thou art not nice about it ; God is nice and Lands upon little things in the matter of his Worfhip, Another Noce is this ; That there is no pri'viledges or dignitief of man that canfecure themfrom goat firokc. Firft, cillofes the man of Godthe was their Uncle, Aaron that great Infirument of Gods Glory, he was their Father : They were men that were newly confecrated to the Prielts Office, they were renowned, men that God put much glory upon ; yet if they will venturebut to offend God in this little thing, Gods wrath breaks asst upon them, and kils them prefently. .Let us_take heed thenof venturing, and donot think that any Servtces that waTie-ClOt-Wiefit-Ofore canbear us otii-lif the greareft cannot be boreout witEllftheir priviledges, howdare we poor worms venture upon the difpleafure of God ? Thou that art a worth- iefs creature of no the at all in the world, Derrell thou provoke this God, when as the Lord is fo angry agaitift men that are of great ufe and fervice, to let out his wrath upon them fuddenly ? Ifyou fhould fee a Prince not fpare his Favorite, or his Nobles that are about him, but upon one offence that we think is but a -little offence, that the Princes anger should be fo much againft -them as to coif them their lives ; what caufe is there for poor people to tremble then, when they havedone that which may in- cur the anger of the Prince ? You fee all outward priviledges and greatnefs will not excufe from the firoke of Gods JulIice, ic fhouldnot excufe from the ffroke of mans Juffice : It's true, a- mongmen, poor people they go to it if theyoffend, but if great men offend, they eicape ; but it is not fo with God, for Nadal), and Abihu were great and renowned men. The FourthNote: That the more the dignity ofmen is,themore it tbeir danger if they looknot to it : And this Note I gather from hence