Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

to god in W hence, That adab and Abihu were the two eldefl' Sons_of .Aaron,and we find in tfie Scripture that Eleavr and ',hamar that were the twoother fonsof Aaron, they efcaped and were not thus conlumed. Why ? Becaufe the two elher ions had the dignity and priviledg to come and offer the lecence, and having greater dignity than the yonger, and nor beingcareful to behave themfelves as they ought todo, the Lord (mote them and the yonger they efcaped. And fo many rimet hey that are in a meaner condition they efcape, when thole that are in a higher condition /., they are ftruck, Let men that are in higher conditions than ibitiee7 others look Co thernfelves, for their chinget is grew-et : And you /te-hef'4 that are in a meaner condition, envy not thole that are higher, for ou hea be more false in that mean condition which you are in, t they in theirs. The 'Fifth Note is this, That the beginnings ofthings of high concernment, domeet fotntirnei withgreat difficultiesand inter- ivtions. This Note I gather from hence, That Wctdab and A- bihm were ifolick at the very beginnieg of their Phieft-hood : And now fuppofe there were a new officeeretted in a Common- wealth that concern'd the pal ickgood of the Kingdom, and in the very firft crating of the Office there fals out fame hideous ac- cident chat rings thropghout the whol Kingdom, as if God from Heaven had done fomething againif them in that Office As now, Suppote chat the firlt time the Judges should come at the Bench, that God fhould strike them from Heaven dead at the ve- ry Bench, it would be a mighty matter to darken the Glory and honor ofchat Office. So one would think chat it fhould have been a mighty matte": to have darkned the Glory and the Honor ofthe Prieft- hood a iwaies 'but God fiends not upon that, ma- ny times the beginnings of great things are darkned by fad acci- dents, and therefore let us not be offended though we fee fume fad accidents to fall out at the beginning of great things, fot though accidents faL out fadlyat firft, yet God may profper it afterwards, as he did the Prieft-hood. The Sixth Noceis, That tbofe that enter into publickplaces, anclelpeciallyflabplaces as concern the Worfbipof god, they bad, needbarve thefearof g ocl nstielYilon them when they firft enter into tholeplates. libvt this *etavery goodPOintif I Were to preach