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it 4 The rot manner of cleaving' nigh preach to an Auditory of Minifters. You fee adotb and ,Abi- - hu upon their firft confecration thetoremorethem for this lit. tie mtfcarriage as we would chink. And chat's a Sixth- Note which efpeciallyconcerns Minifters, and therefore I pats it over.. TheSeventh Noce that we have, and that'svery itiofti I for us al, codwould have its all to ptekout Ins. mind from dark, expreilionf }pis Word.. Though he dothnot exprefs His Will fully, and in exprefs terms ; yet if there be any thing in his Word whereby we may come to gather the mind of God, God expels that we fhould gather His mind out of His Word,andif we do not it's at our own peril,. The mind, of God, about this ftrange fire that thee offered, you will fay, They were topick it out : How could they have known that is was Gods mind that they fhould not offer any fire but that on the Altar ? They fhould have reafoned thus with theinfelVes ' What bath God let fire come down from Heaven upon the Al'ar, andbath He Commanded that that fhould be pr.eferved on the Altar for His fervice ? Surely this mull be Gods mind then, that we fhould make,ufe of this fire rather than any °Cher fire : God expeas that they fhould have reatoned thus, but becaufe they did not out Gods mind by reafooing after this manner, therefore thehand of Godcame out upon illicit., They offended, and it may be it was through ignorance, but it was at t heir peril, if they were ignorant of the mind of God when it might be known,, though it were but darkly revealed, and were to be pickt out from feyeral places compared together, is was at their peril.. It is a Point that we have-a great deal of need of for this is the vain heart of man, That if there be any thing that God. would have chat is not Curable to his own ends,. be will ftandwrangling againft ir, and caveliing at it ; How cloth it ap- pear. Cwil belay) can you bring exprefs Scripture for it i Bring me exprefs Scripture in words for toprove and then Iwill.be4 leeve it ;, and foftands out till you bring fomany words of Scri- pture that.forbids fuch a thing, or commands fuch a duty. Now my Brethren if you heof this temper, That youwill forbearlio- ...thing', norJet up any, thing but what youhave.direaly exprefs words