Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

The right manner of drawing nigh meddle with fuch things as thofe are. Thofe things I fay which are fumble to awns own ends and waies, them theywill clofe w,thal : but other things that do crofs the flefh, that are molt °Hake to loofnefs, and would bring men molt under the Go- vernment of Chrtft, thofe things men band out againft, and they muff have cleer and exprefs words, exprefs and deer war- rant out of the Word in fo many terms, or otherwife by no means they wil not fo much as yeild to it : That's a Point that if God would but fettle it upon our Hearts, might be of very great ufe ; A gracious heart will fee the truth through 'a very little crevis ; But it is mervailous toconfider what a do there is to convince a man before he is humbled, oftome part of Gods will ; and how eafie is it toconvince a manafter he is humbled. " TheEighth Note is this, That firmer! may meet with force= judgmentsof god that were never tbreatend inhis Word. Goddid never threaten beforehand, and fay, . Whofoever of- fers ftrarge Fire, I wil confume them wi h Fire from Heaven ; But they meet with a Judgment that was not t hreatned ; Confi- der of this, it may be when we come to fpeak out of. the Word, and thew you plainly how God doth threaten fuch and fuch fins, you are afraid then ; but know, if thou ventureft upon waies offin, thou mayeft Meet with dreadful Judgments exe- cuted that never yet were threatned : Eefides all thofe Judg- ments that are threatned in the Book of God, thou maieft meet with Judgments unheard of, unexpetled : As God hash mercies beyond what he bath exprefly revealed in this Word, for never MU it beard fence "the beginningof the world what godbath laid upfor them that love him So God bath judgmentsbeyond what is in his Word. Somtimes when the Miniffers of God. do open the threatnings that are in Gods Word, you think that they are terrible : But knoll? that God in the treafury of hisiudgments bath more dreadfuj things than ever yet bath been revealed in his Word ; and thereforeLearn to tremble, not only at what is revealed in Gods Word againft thy fin, but tremble at what there is in that infinite juffice, Power, and Wifdom of God to find, out, and execute upon finners ; for thou arta finner, and efpecially if thou beeft a bold and prefumptuous (inner, thou mayelt I fay expect to meet with, whadoever evil an infinite. wifdom