Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

to god in Worfhip. I7_. wifdom is able to devife, and that an infinite power is able to bring upon thee that thou art capale of : Thou conamitteft fuch and inch a fin ; perhaps thou doff not know of any par- ticular Judgment that is threatned againff it ; but think thus I that do provoke Godby my fins, what may I look for ? 'Tis more than I know to the contrary, but that whacfoever the infi- nite Wifdomof God is able to find out, and what mifery foever Yam capable of, that the Lordmay bring upon me. Confider of this, and take heed of fin. The NinthObfervation is this, That god is very quickwitb fame in the 1X2 ale' ofhis judgments. It may be he may ipare others for a long time, but concer- ning thee he may fay, Thou fhalt not offend twice. If thou wilt venture the firft ad, God may alike thee with death ; he did fo here with 2sZadaband ,Abihu, for they were but newly con- iecrated, fo I find it by Interpreters, That they were to be in confecration for feven dales, and this was the fiat day that they came to their place, and the very fiat ad that they did, God did fmite them : Let us tremble : the Lord is quick towards fome, he is patient towards others, but do nor thou prefume becaufe he is patient toothers, he may take thee in the very aft ad of thy fin, and be quickwith thee. The Tenth Note is this, That the holinefs ofa 'Duty mill never bear a man out in the mif&trriageof it. This was a coly docy, they were the truePriefts of Gods they came to offer incenfe to the true God, It was right Incente that they offered, there was but this one mifcarriage, Thty had not the fame Fire that God ,would have ; now this mifcarriage God comesupon them fcr, and all the good there was in the Duty it would not bear them our. Confider of this, you that perform many Holy Duties, take heedofgiving way toyour (elves in any mifcarriage, for do not think, that becaufe your Duties are very good and holy, that by doing thereofyoumay venture upon mixture ; take heed of mixing any evil, any rnifcarriage in any holy thing though you have performed a thoutand holy Duties, yet it will not bear you out in the milcarri3geof them. The