Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

22 The right manner ofdrawing nigh it did not fo much as-confume their cloathes, nor their b odies, but went through all and ftruck them dead, and no body could cell how. Gods judgments docome in a way that is invilible if it had been in a vifible flame offire, all would have fern ir,and it would have burnt their cloachs,or their bodies : but you (hall find in verf. $. That they werecarried away from theSantuary in their cloathes, they were not burnt. Another Note is this, That though the liTef of menbe dear andprecious to god, yet they arenotfoprecious ashis glory, The Glory of his Name is a thoufand choufand times more dear unto God than the lives of thoufand choufands of People ; the lives of %/dab and Abihu mutt go, that God may be Saneti- fied : If it conies fo in the way( as I may fo fayithe lives ofmen, and the Santtifyingof Gods Name, the Glory ofGod mutt pats on, and mufthave its courfe, let the,lives ofmen gowhich way they will. We think much to have the lives of men taken away ; but if we knowwhat the Glory of God meant, and what infinite rea- fon there is that God fhould beglorified, we would not think it much chat the lives of never fo many men fhould go for the Glory of god. 'Tis mercy that our lives have not gone many times for gods glory ; How often might Godhave glorified Himfelf in taking away our lives 3 We have caufe to blefs Him, that our lives have been preferved fo long as they have. Again'Note,That the neerer anymen are untogod, the more theyhad need take heed that theyglorifie (Him,for theymuff ex- peEt to befeared the lei's if they fin againfi Nadab and Abibu, the Priefts ofGod, and they came neer to God, yet by their tranfgreflion ; though I told you, We donot find in any place ofScripture direttly in words, that this Fire is forbidden, but they fhould have gathered Gods mind by confe- - quence, And therefore by theway I only Note, That we muff not think to urge upon men in all things /hitt commands in very words, but if it be commanded fo as we may draw it by any confequence,it's a command ; as now here for the Negative, they had not a Negative prohibition in words, yet they had is by Confequeuce u So for the Afhtuotive, though we havenot the