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to god in Worfhip. 3 come co fa my felf before thetord in thofe waies that God cloth let out the choice of His Mercies to his people in ; I have many mercies fromGod in the enjoyment of the creature, but when I come to worfhip Him, I expect the communication of his mer- cy in another way than through any creature in the world. The Dutiesof his Worfhip are the chiefchannels that God doth let out thechoiceft of His Mercies to the hearts of His people through, and now I am going to worfhip Him, I am going to peefenc my felf before God. Inded there is a little glimmering of the light of God through other Creatures to me, but the glorious Beams of the light of God is through the Duties of His Wor- fhip. 3. And then Thirdly, I amnow going to aet my Soul upon God, fo that if I have any abilities to clofe with God, to at my foul upon Him, it mull be put forth nowat this time : I a m indeed at all rimes to labor7tO enjoy Communion with God, when I fee the creatures, the Sun, Moon, and Stars, to labor to lift up my heart toGod, and when I fee the Glory of God, in the Sea, and tor ow meat and Drink I am to blefs God, and to ackno.,,ledg God in all, but when I come to Worfhip God, then all the strength of my foul is to be aced upon God in a more fpecial manner ; I mutt then above all labor to flit up whatfoever I have in my foul to at upon God : this is now to W,rfhip God. Secondly, If toWorfhip God, be todraw nigh toGod, hence we fee the reafons why guilty Confciences have little mind to the Duties of Gods Worfhip. When a man or woman hath gi- ven liberty to any licentious way, and finned againft their Conici- ences, if they have any lighr in their Conferences, it is one of the tediouleft things in the world to come to the uties of Gods Worfhip 5 they had 'rather do any thing than come to Holy Duties, as to Prayer, and efpecially to fecret Prayer. Aman or woman that har h an enlightened Confcience, and is under the guilt of fin, thecoming toGod in holy Duties, is a very grievous burden to them : Why ? Here's the Reafon, Becaufe to V Alit) God, is toVrartno god, and the guilt that is upo. hathmade the pretence of God terrible to them, and tt.c, they had rather go in their Con%pany, and be merry, eat, dritul. fporc,