Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

to god in Worfhip. 33 chip; now they that will came fo nigh Gods prefence,and come with bafe and ungodly hearts, cocloak their villany, of all in the world they-rnuft expelt co have the fevere vengeance ofGod let down upon them ; they chat ftand nigheft the bullet mutt expel to have the ftrength of it to be the more upon them; ft when the wrath of God proceeds out upon finners, wicked men that nandnigheft Him, they have the greateft ftroke of Gods wrath : But of that more when I come to the Third Point, That godwill be Sanffified in thofe that dram, nigh TheFourth life is this, If to Worfloip god be to draw nigh Sim, then to negleff gods IfOribip* to departfrom 'Him ; that mull needs follow. And this is a dreadful thing, it is the Sen- tence that fhall be at the laft day of Judgment, 'Depart fromme. Thou now act willing to depart from God, Oh confiderof this, you that neglett Worfhip, the Worfhipof Gad in your Fami. lies, and inyour Clofecs, and in the Congregation, in the Corn. munion of the Saints, thou haft littleminded or regarded the Worfhip ofGod ( it may be) all thy dates, what haft thou been doing all this while f thou haft been departing fromGod all this while,and when thy confcience fhall be but enlightned, and awakened to fee how far thou art from God, how terrible will it be to thee ; Remember this, you that have nomind to thedu- ties of the Worfhip ofGod, but love the Commiffionof fin, yoia negleft Gods Worfhip, you were wont to worfhip him in a conftant way in your clofets, and families, but now you grow more loofe, and fo you grow more dead every day than other, yougo off from God more and more. Surely there can be no good tonegledGods Worfhip. And thofe that are loth to Worfhip God, becaufe they cannot worfhip him as they ought:; from this Point it appears plainly, That there can be no good gotten bynegleCting Gods Worfhip, for it is departing from God, whatfoever plea there may be by any temptation tc neg- leaGods Worfhip,certainly there is danger in it, and therefore never liften to any fuch temptation as fhall draw your hearts from the duties ofGods Worfhip. There are a generation of ,wantons in thefe times, chat make little matter of continuing the duties of GodsVorfhip,they were wont cordantly to wor- chip God, and to attend upon the word, but now is is noKhing to