Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

34 The right manner ofdrawingnigh to them, and theyare even ready to thank God fos it, that They make not fuck contbetice as they were wont ro do in the Duties of the Worfhip of God, It maybe they will fay, That hereto- fore tome flavifh terror didcarry them on in he Duties of Gods VVorfhip more than the underftanding of the freenefs of the graceot God would admit of : but fhall the underftanding of the freedom of the grace of God carry thee on lefs than thy terror did ? Oh blind and wanton limit that knoweft not the wales of God, nor the freenefs of the grace of God, nor the riches of it I Oh what a dithonor arc thou to Jefus Chrifl, and to the freenefs ofhis grace, that thou canft go up and down from day to day and never VVorfhip God ! Did Jefiis Chrift come into the world for that end, for to caufe thee to depart more from God ? 'Fis plain our of the word, That the Du- ties 4 ofGods worthip are thofe Duties whereby the foul comes todraw nigh to God : And I beftech yon. Brethren , obferve thefe men, whether there be that Holinefs in their lives, that Spiritualnefs as there was wont tobe ? No, you fliall find them by degrees to grow loofe, yea run fornetinrs into grofs fins, grow many times to lying and deceiving, and to drunkennefs and company-keeping : yea,. to worfe things by degrees : Per- haps they are at fil ft ready to fay, Is thy Servant a dead Dog that I fhould do zhis ? But by departing from God they grow dead toHoly Duties : we find it by experience, That the Pro- feffors of Religionhave not that Holinefs, Heavenlinels, Spiri- tualnefs as they werewont to have in former times ; and no mar- vel, for now they keepnot fo nigh to God as- they were wont. You that are Sea-men and Travellers, fometimes you are neer the Sun, and then youare hot, hilt the further off the Sun you go, you grow to be colder and colder : And fo thofe that neg- lett the worfhip of God they go from thewarmSun,they gofrom the light of godscountenance, and from the prefenceof god, and fo they grow coldand chill, andby degrees they grow to propha-. inefs, and it is to be feared that many of themwill grow to, meer .Atheim. Another life is this, An lifeof Exhortation, that we wouldbe encouraged toworfhipgod), and to be much in the Worfhip of qud. InSeb. zz, Let Ktdraw neer ( faith theText) who- would