Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

to God in Woribip. 45 uponany flight occafion, they do not account the duties of Goas,WOE fhip great matters; My brethren I befeech you learn- this, leqpik,thismorniog,to account the duties of Gods Worfhip great natters, they: re the greateft things that doConcernyou heYe in this world ; for they are the homage that you tender up to the high God, as youheard, and thole things wherein God communicates himfelf in his choife Mercies, now being fuck great matters thereis caufe :that ,we should prepare. For that one thin of rayer, faithLuther,: It is a great work, and a dill.o./,..o/L.--,- cut WOE and therefore there had-- Heed be preparationiorit Bufinefs oIgreat. confequence we make preparation for, indeed if a bufinefs be a flight bufinefs we can fall upon it on a fudden, you make not preparation to go in a Boat on the Thames, but to go a voyage you make great preparation. Now if inen and women would but underhand the duties of Gods Worfhip to be great, they wouldfee neceffuy to make a preparation; Many men for want of preparation to duties they lofea great part of the rime, when they come -to perform a:_ duty .or Worfhip in prayer, they fpend half the time that is convenient, tabe (pent iii prayer before they begin to pray : and .fo, -in hearing the Word, they area long time before they can fettle themielves to attend to the Word, or many other kind of Worfhip : I fay a great deal of rime in the Worfhip is (petit, ordinarily before we can get our Irarts todotewith the ,wprfhip o. now, that is a fore and a great eVii to:loleany, paytipf, the tune;of, worfhip Chriflians 9 Ibefeechyou account highl-kof the time ofyour Worthip, you , have `loft fo,i0pg.tirpe att:pstayer,: yea, but how much of it hall been l beeauteyoq have)n9t prepared beforehand for it ? per haps you kneel'd upon your Itlit-es,;j4kkt.,yqu were a long time before youcould get your hearts warm at your work, why you ihould ,haveheen warm before !=you had- come : It is fo often.. tkipK$ with ip49y men, whets they ineettogether and there is no plepatatioo for their but tbeTcome together and they are,. along tinne-before they can {buckle to the bufinefs that they came abatis', because there is no preparation, but if there be: preparation made, that every man koows beforehand what his work is, they can fall to it, and they can difpatch as much in one hour as others do in two or three but ofthat we than freak:; more afterwards Thirdly.