Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

4+ The right manner of dravincg nigh the third day the Lord would come down upon mount Sinai in thefight of thepeople. God did not fo much hand upon their cloaths, but it wis to figinfie an inward wafhing. Nowmy bre- thren, ifwhen God came to give the Law they v e fo to pre- pare,rhen certainly when we are come to wo flap God in the way of he Gofnel, we are toprepare as well as they, becaule God, is coming, For that that is obteryable is, Why they were for two daies together tomake fuch preparation, the argument is becaufe of the pretence of God ; he Lordraid to Mofe,qo and Sandi- fie the people to dayand to morrcw and let them trafhtheir clog- the' ,and be ready againfi the third day,Why?for the Load cnilX come dawn in the fight of all ,he people upon mount Sinai : The Lord will come down in the th:rd day, and therefore let them be fantlified. So when thoupelt to woi fhip God, thou expeaelit' or fhouldefk expel e chat God will come to thee, and chat thy heart that be drawn roGod, and. therefore thou fhouldeft make Tome preparation. ( For the zime of preparationwe fital fpeak to afterward when we come to,the cafes of Cunlcience about pre-. parateon for worfhip. ) And:f6 in Chr. 22.1. 14. DaTid makes preparation for Houle or Godlbecaufe iswas the Houfe of God.chat he had to huild,though he could not do it lumfelf ira his own time, yer being the HoufeofGod, what great prepara-, tion was made by Valid?The Moral of which is this That the Houfeof God bein a T peWrilts-Ciikdi, and the Worfliii Of Godos Chriff;it thews that there fhould be much pre., potationwhen we have to dealwith God in his Ordinances... . Secondly, As God is great that we draw night°, fo thedu- ties of Gods Worfhip aregreat duties,they are thegreateft.thiivs that cloth concern us in this world,and it is a fign of very2 carnal heart to,flight the duties of qods tqinay.q*.. count of them as little matters : Carnal hearts orcliRakily things that concern their bufineffes in the world they :Ilia great matters OhI may not negle& that, . I rnarpc! negkd hat,.. I maynot neglett inch a butinefsl, or. I may not ,negleit vific or gratifie fuch a friendibut now for the Worthipof Op4,, it is good indeed, but whether it be done not,, it is no gteat mattertherefore theycan put off.Prayer; if they have any fiuefs the tirue prayei: maipay fox it theyCou Egc of 'that_ 102,11,