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0 =god In Veiiihip. 47 _ Thefixtand 'aft reafon bath a great deal in it which I befeech you confider of ; we find chat the Scripture doth make the up- rightnefs of the Heart !finch to coiifific in preparation for wor- fhip; anddoth make the falfnefs of the Heart to confifir in this, that mendo nor prepare. Perhaps you havenot fomuch thought of this, but yet it is ofexcellent tileunto you. We that find the Scripture cloth make the very uprightnefs of theheart tocon- fiil io thepreparation for duty ; and this falfnefs of a mans heart toconfift in this, That he makes not confcience to prepare his heart for God and His worfhip : And this I will thew intoyou Very plainly and cleerly ; the tilde two Examples, The fir& ofgleboboarn, and the fecond ofJebolhapbat, oriel wicked man ;Whafe heart was falf, and the other a godly' roma whofe heart was right' With God. The, falfnefs of the hearrof the one is in , .2, Cbt on, 2. 14. There you have what Gods thoughts of 'Reba- 'boant were in the verfes before:but now he brings the reafon ofhis fencence uponh;tn, and faith the rext, be did eini,becaufe he pre. parednot his beIrt tofeel; Lord: there were 'many good things, , that (R,,,')oboan , t did I aught {hew tome things ; as how he did obey Co,. Prophet of God,' when he was feeking to average himfelf upon thoce, that did ;end thernfelves from his obedience : the Lord did but,fend his Prophet, and tboUgh he had an Army rea- dy to revenge hiinfetf,upon thofe that in away of rebelliondid *id themfelves from under his governMent, and he obeied the word of the Lord;but for all-that he did' evil in the fight of the Ixord, God looked uponhim as a man that hadnouprightnefs in him, VVhy ? 'For be didnot prepafrebh 'Heart rofeekthe Lord Saith God, I look upon all qieboboant. did, as nothing ; look :upobbiswaies as evil;and himfelfas a wicked Man, why ? Becaufe he, did not prepare hisheart tofeek the 4Ord, if his Heart had been upright with me he would have prepared his Heart to feek me. I befeeth you nowlay this Text toyour hearts, Doyou pre_ dare ybur Hearts tcifeek God ? when yego to prayer can you fay you taki pains in preparingyour hearts for it? and in }leasing theword; and fo likewife for receiving theSacrament ? Now for 7ebefhaphat a godlyman; 2, CbrO.i9.3.there youmay feewhat the Lord faithof 7ehofbapbat that ,,ilaszgocily ; Wryer, 412ele,P2there aregood fogad in tbee that thoubali taken , sway