Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

The right manner ofdral?ing nigh way thegrove! ors of to krnd, and prepared thine heartto feekgod ',-ebo.flAphat wa fou:,4 guilty joyono hiinieff tp wicked frier, too inuchshe Prophet cOrneiand faith to him:7,Woust- deft thou bilk the ungodi.i, "arid lave them that hate the Lord ? (lberfofe is,a 2 ,.ath upon rbee fl inn before theLord: JebOfhaphat here we tee was very faulty in j, oyning with thole th a - were wick. ed,and is rebukedby the Prophet tr, an the Lord:What wilt thou joynwith the wicked the wrath of God iSupon !bee : well, but for all that, ( I htfee.Cla you ,obierve it That at that time when the-Lord is MORdifpleated againfit jehofhaphat, and fends his Prophet in his Namo to prpnputi,cf., this, that the wrathof God is ,out againfi : yet for aft (dii, God cannot but take notice of this, that be had an upright heart, though he failgd that particular yet there if TomegoOdfound in thee, in that thou Ii411 prepared thy heart tofeekqed. Indeed throui,;11 totne 'hidden temptations thou art drawn alzde in this pal tiCular att:Yea,hut it hath been thycafe toprepare thy heart, CO leek me, and in that regard I do look upon thee as having an upright heart. And this you fee howmuch tt,e Scripture pots upon the prePatation of theheart to leek God. And fa in I Sam.: 7. 3. you 1113116M that the ScripUre makes the uprightnefSof the heart to contif in this, .And Sariauelfpake Unto- all the horife of Ifraelfaying,11 ledo returnunto the Lord with all your hearts, ( what, then ?) Ibenputaway thefitangegodr,and4115tarotbfront an:OW.004,, andPrepareyourhearts unto ri?e:Lord,iinclierve. him. only: As ifSamuel fhould fay, Ifyou will return indeed tothe Lord, if indeed your hearts be upright (according to what you teem to profcfs in turning to God,) Then prepareyour hearts to feek the Lord. Youdo not in truth turn to. God except you make &inf= tience to prepare ourreiiis: Therefore you at never yet knew what is was to ma 'e tonfcience to prepare your heartsfor holy duties, know that you have not turned .with all your heart un. to the Lord,there bath not been the true turningof your hearts unto the Lord. Thus you fee there is much 'lies ,upon prepara. tion to the du.ies ofGods Worfhip : Well, you will fay,feeing there lies fo much in it 1 pray open it wherein it loth confift. To that 1 anfwer, confilis in thefe,Five things, which I Ilia briefly male.