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to god in Worfhip. 53 paration, there may be as much workdone in one hour fo, as in, r en times fo much time when theheart is nor prepared for it. In Eeira, 7. i o. you shall find that the reafon is given why Eva had fuch good fuccefs in his journey, it was, becaufe he had pre- pared his heart. Make preparation for holy duties,and you (hall have fuccefs in holy duties. There is a notable Scripture for that in rPlal. r o. r 7. where the holy Gholt faith,t hat God prepares the keart: And what then ? when God doth prepare the heart, he doth then caufe his eare to beare. There was never a prayer made wherein the heart was prepared for it,but that prayer washeard, they go both together ; Lord, thou wilt prepare their heart, and thouwilt caufe thine eare to bear;if Godhath once prepared thy heart,thouwilt be fure to be heard then : Is it not worth a world for to know ones felf to be accepted of God in every du- ty of Worfhip that we tender up to him ? this one Scripture, Tfal. 10.17 .wil thew it. Oh the excellency that there is in pre-_ ar.)n tcjcluty There is one thing more that is very obfervable, and that is this, Where the heart is prepared to 'nestle!, there the Lordwig pats by weaknefsand inipe)feEtions in denier.. When thou co- rnett zo perform holy duties thou art troubled, Will the Lord have regard to fuch a duty as this is ? Thou maieft have certain affurance that the Lord will have regard if thou canft make this point good to thine own foul, that it was thy care tomake preparation for his duty ; Gana thou fay, Lord, I have endea- voredand done what I could to fir my heart for duty, but 0 Lord, I find when I am at it, wonderful diftraelions, much deadnefs and vanity, What thall I do ? Why, canft thou make good the forwr,and appeal to God, that indeed it was thy care, tomake preparation ? fle give theeone Scripture then for the quieting of thy heart in this, That the weaknefs of the duty (hall be parcl,:ned and pall by where there is a care to prepare beforehandiche Scripture is in 2, arm. 3 3 . r 8.19. But liezekiah prayed for. thenifaying,Tbe good Lordpardon every one ; what every ont?every one that preparetb his heart to feekthe Lora godofhir fathers,thougbbe be not cleanfedaccording to the pie, rification of the Saaffuary.As if he fhouid fay, Oh Lord there are many things an in this Reogieothey are not in many regards ral-akci