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5 2. The right manner ofdrawing. nigh may be in way of Application toyou to make you to be in love with preparation for holy duties. There is abundance otgood_ in it. As, - Firff, Ty this meaner we come to make every Vutyof Thor.. fhip eafie to ris, Things are difficult when we come upon them unprepared. If you have a freind come to dinner or (upper to you, and fhould come fuddenly, and you have nothing prepa- red, there wouldbe a great deal of ftir in the houfe ; but ifyou have every thing prepared, it would be carried on in an cafie way : And the reafon why people complain fo much of difficul. ty in duty, it is, becaufe their hearts are not prepared. Indeed we have naturally many things that keep us off fromGod, but when the heart is prepared for holy duty, it goes offas eafie to God, even into the infinite Ocean of all mercy and goodnefs, as a Ship goes off to be lancht whei___241 have made preparation for it fo the heart can gowith an holy boldnefs to God when ouav-irnadepreparations for holy duties. In 7019,-i r. (the p ace which I quoted before fOr the work of preparation, do but confider a verfe or two further, and you fhall find what a- bundance of good there comes upon the keepingof the heart prepared in things that are good) verf. 13. If thouprepare thine beart,&c.and then verf, i 5,Toen 'halt thou lift up thyfacewith. outfpot ; yea,thozi jbalt be fteadfift and limit notfear. When theheart is prepared for that that is good, when it comes into the pretence ofGod, it is able to lift up it fell' Without fear, in a fiedfaft comfortable way, and this will quit thecolt of any la- bor. Secondly, If the heart be prepared it will do a great deal ina tittle time. In 2 Chron. 29. 36. it is faid,That Hezekiah rejoy- ced,and all the people that god had prepared the people;for the thingwas donefuddenly.The thing cameofffreely and fuddenly when as thatthey were preparedellevkiab rejoyced,and bleffed God for fuch a mercy as this was : It is agreat mercy to have the hearts of people prepared unto a good work. And fo inz Chron. 27.6. the text faith,Jotham became mighty, becaufe he prepared bK ivaies before the Lord hisgod.7otbatn, be grew mighty by .this.And fo certainly the way togrow to bevery ftront St mighty 40 he able to doa great deal in a little time, it is to make pre. vacation