Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

The right manner ofdrawing nigh The great Reafon why people come and worfhip god in a flight way ; it is becaufe that theydo not fee god in his glory, otis a great Mercy for god to give unto us a fight of himfelf, a fight ofhis glory here in this world while we are worfhiping ofhim, this would keep our eyes and our thoughts fromwan- dring ifwe had a fight of theglory ofgod, and had high thoughts of god. What's the reafon why we wander fo aswe do, but meerlybecaufe we fee not god ? As now, fuppofe you were in your houfe, and looking after every feather that Were flying up and down, if you fhould heare that the King were come into the room, or any great Perron, it would compofeyour fpirits, becaufe you have high thoughtsof fuch, as of thofe thac area- bove you : So let us look upon god as in his excellency, and His glory,- andhavehigh thoughtsof him, and this is that whereby we areto fanttifie gods Name when we come before Him in holy duties. And that's the fecond thing. Firlt a fanttified heart ; and then high thoughtsof god. 3. A third thing is, High-ends,aaifed-ends in the worfhip. /11}-4a,,,ingofgod : Trov. z 5.24.Tbe trayof lifeif above to the wife : ,_dr,e,It is on high in this refpett, when he worfhips god, his heart islifted up on high ; there is a holy raifing of the heart which is well pleating to God : Our hearts fhould be on high in re- gard ofthehigh ends chat we aim at in holy duties : Lift up tby prayerfaith rklerkiah to theProphet in another cafe ' . fo I may fay, Lift up thy foul when thou comeft to worfhip god in re- gard ofthe high ends that thouaim&at : whenwe are wor- Thiping god we fhouldhaveour hearts above all creatures, and above our felves. Let not our hearts then be groveling upon the ground, mingled with bale anddroffie things, when we come to Worfhip the Lord :Indec.d it is fit that we fhould hive our hearts low (as we than thewhereafter) in regard ofhumility, but not low in regard ofany bafenefs of fpirit tomixwith any bafeand lowends; Now there are low and bafe ends in worfhiping of god. As, Firft ; We muft take heed we donot fubjett the Worfhip of goduntoour Lulls, that is a turfed thing, thou art far from fanttifyinggods Name in worfhiping of Him chat (halt fub- jett His Worlhip to thy bale lusts, this is an abominable, anda curie d