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to God in Worfhip. 44. 444,44.40.444.14:..........?4,44 SERMON. V. Levic. r o. g. Twill be SanEified in them that come nighme. EE proceed. The next thing thereforefor the beha- WV vior of the foul in the fandifying Gods Name in 4it ste .34, Worfhip, is this : 4444. When we come to WorfhipGod, if we would fandifie Gods Name, we mutt have high thoughts of God ; we mufk lookupon God as he is upon his Throne, in Majefty, and inGlory ; as in Ifa 9. r. 2. you fhall find, that the Prophet faw the Lord upon his Throne : It is an excellent thing when all who come to worfhip God, every time they come to worfhip Him, have their eyes dartecltpp toheaven, and behold the Lord God fitting in his Glory upon his Throne : So you fhall find in 'Rev. 4. the24. Elders that worfhipedGod, they faw him up- on his Throne in his Glory, and fo they Worfhiped him ; they worfhipedGod to purpofe ( indeed ) when they faw the Lord in that Majefty as he was We fhould at all times have high thoughts of God : take heed of having low thoughts and ap- prehenfions ofthe infinite Majefty of God at any time, but efpe- cially when thouart to worfhip the great God, then look up- on the Lord in that infinite diftance that there is between him and thy felf, yea, that infinite diftance that there is between him and all creatures in the world, lookupon the Lordas liftedup: in Glory, not only above all creatures, but above all excellen- cies that all Angels and Men, in Heaven and Earth are able to imagine : Lookupon the Lord as having all Excellencies in , Himfelf,joyned in one and that immutably ; look upon him. as theFountain of all excellency, good and Glory that all crea- -tures in the world have : and look upon the Lord every time,. houcornett to worfhip him l as that Godwhom Angels do adore, and before whom rheDevils are fined to tremble; behold him in thishis Glory,and this will help thee to famaifie his Name.,. when thoucoineft tohim. 7'