Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

to God in Worfhip. morning, chat may never,be fpoken to thy heart at any other time ? therefore they cannot be at quiet except they attendup. on God in the duties ,of his Worfhip : But Rill this is not e- nough rneerly to fatisfie confcience ; thy main end it mutt be that thou maift thisday know 'fome part of the mind of God, that God may fpeak to thy heart, that fo thou maieft be fi:red to Honor the Name of God, that thoumayeft be enabled to live to his Honor the week following fo much the better. As in this manner chy thoughts fhould be, Lord,, I find a droffie carnal heart, I ambufte in the world in the week time, and I end that my heart is fullied and defiled with the bufinefs of the world, and entangled, but Lord,thouhaft appointed thy Sabbath, and Word tobe a means to fanaifie my heart, ard to ciente it ; Oh Lord, communicate thy Grace to my foul through thy Ord i- nances upon this Day, that fo I may be enabled the week - following the better tolive to thy Honor, Lord, I come into thy prefence to that end, that I might know fome part of thy Will, and that I might get thy Spirit to be conveyed through this Word of chine intomy heart; this fhould be thy end when ever thou cornett, and not only fell; I wil give you twoor three Scriptures to thew that God regards little any duties wherefelf is thehigheft end. The&ft is in rflofea,7. 14. They howled u- pon their beds, (faith the text there) but they cryed not to me. TheLord there did acknowledgthat they werevery much affea- ed in their prayers, but what was it ? It was but a howling upon their beds : And how fo ? It was becaufe only they did cry for themfelves, They have not cried unto me ( faith the Lord) with their heart,when they howled upon their beds : lc was but meetly for Corn, and Wine, and Oyl, but not untoMe ; they anni'dat Themfelves,and not atSfe.And in .Amos, S. 22. there the Lord profeffes,that hedid rejeit thefat of their peace offerings: though ye offer me(faithhe)burnt offerings, andyour meat offerings, I wil not accept them, neither will I regard thepeace offerings of your fat beafis.They were careful to offer their fatteft butts in their peace offerings,8c will not God regard them ? It was in their peace offerings that they offered their fat beans, and there they were to eat a great part of it themfelves : Indeed the burnt offer- ing was wholly offered unto God, God had all chat ; but the 12 peace-