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Mofes hil Se/fe-tle1Ji4!/. had caufe to feare, hqt when the Tribe of Jud~h was taken, of which hee was, then muchmor-e : bqt whe~ the family · of the Z4rhitu, then t\luc}J more: So within theftraicer compatfe God hath {aid, But few jhaBbe fA'f'td; if you be amongft them, you have cau!e to feare the more, and not to takemore li ~eny ·then others~ but to be moredillgen~ the~ others to make your calling and ele~t .. on furc. Its a terriblefpeech, that C~ry~ (6jlo1'1Je hathin his 34· Sermonuponthe ' He!Jr. you would t:hinke it fo if it came from us, it may bee you will refeive it better from him : the fpe('ch is this, I tJJiror fi p&- wonder, fa'ith hee, if any Governour ieft fatvari aliquu refl6· ·can be faved. ·Howfoever confcience ru,. may bc.quiet and frill now, yet when it ,.· · apprehends it felfe neere the giving up accountto God, it will fpealce, it will fl ing rhen.lt is re ort~}lof Phf!i t e chird of J!4tne a. t 9»gbit js(aid,,Qf him that his life was free f!om gmtfe evils_, .feafoas ~e pr~feJI'ed,., he... wouJ~ .. r~ther Iofe a~I._~tl{(ingdomes, then\of- ~cng God ~n<2~ingJy. Bu~. being i9 the . ago~ of de~~h, •.l:ld confidering more .thorowl ofhis account he was so give' · to .