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. Mofeshti Selft-JeniAU. · to God,fcare fi:ruckimo him, and thele words brake from him. : Oh, wou ld ;:s J Go.d ·I had never rdgned ; 0 h, that thofe)eares [ htwefpentin my King. dome, I had lived a private life in the . Wildernelfe; Oh that I had livedafoJi.. . tarie life with -God, how much more- . fectuely iliould I now have dyed, how ·.much more confidently ili"u!d I have gone to rhe throne of God~Wh:2t does . all my glory profi t me, but that I have L_ib. q. : fo much the more torment in my· ;:!~t:J;~;.u · death _'! This llory Cornelim d Lttpitlc fPerttqueje'- bath upon the fecond of Hife4. palatio,iuam · In the Bohemi.tlf: Hiftorie it is reported tentplo tm- ·· f C . h pendij{e i . o oneHerm4ntt~,a great ouruer,w.. o · l~xuf!J' 'Vi- beingrodye, didmofi:lamentablycrie tza ~ulr.equee out That he had fip,.ntmore timei n the rorrtff?cre de- ' ~ lmiJ]ttadju- Palace, then in the TempJe; and that he viffe,a~xijfe, added to the Riotoufndfe and Victs of :z;~~;~cati thc:Courr,which he fhould have fought iolOf'c tr~~- to have reformed; arid fo dyed, to the =~1t~~:~- horror ofthofethatwcre·abonthim. I · ti£, pturimo confeffe, it is no little matter for you, ;,~;~~::n- who have fo 11!~1ch of ~he ~vodd, to ~e4 eepsfui ani.. nyyourfelves m thq(e thlngsthatgtve rut~t_ernita- content to the flelli, confic.tcring the !ft. mgreJJd. cor,ruption that ,is in the lt~i1rtS ?f the · · - chtldren