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children ofmen: it is a hard thing, and feldome h~th fuccelfe, ·togive rules for , the ordering ofiife,to rnen. ~ ~' ho are .in great profperitie in this .vorld. H~nce · Laertiru reports of PlattJ, who being de fired by the Cyrtnittns, rh.1t be would write down fome Lawes for them, and that hee would fet the eftate of their Cpmmon-wealth in fome order, he re-· .9I , fufed, faying, It was avery hard thing, to make Lawes to bind men, who were in great proiperirie ~ But themore hard any d. ory is. the more honourable is it Pcrtlifficite " ejJe condere to yeeld to it ; as SJint Hiero~tym . wri~ legestam ting to Pa11Mchim, bath this exprdlion: felicibZM. Iris not alittle thir,g for a Noble man; No1zefl pafor a·-rich m~n, to'withdraw himfelfe rumvirum f h f wbilem, vi- rom t e eom pany o great ones, to rune locuplejoyne ·with thofe that are meane and tempotemipoore, and to bee made as a eomm. on' tlm i?:Z Plateis v#are comi- mao: bur thf more low "the more mean ta.tum, miheisin dolngrhis, hei.s the more fub- fcer~fetur1. i h h h his, adb£rete m~e, om.uc t e igher in the elteeme pauperihtf4_, : · of God and his p~ople. rufticiu~!~- . , There are fome who have been in a$ la_re,deprtl4f .. . . ctpe vulgJlrJJ .:urea way of honours and worldly d,... fiC"ti, fed lights, as any, ye~ they have denyed ~~~;:; ~:~c themfdves,and they r.ejoyce inir, and {u/;ljmioJ' tft. ~ . blelfe ' '