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Mofeshri Stlft-eltniJI. bJeffe God for it" s they fin de all they were willing to part with, made up a- . bundantly to .them, they Jive moll: · fweet~and joy full lives,God bath made them honourable in his own eyes, and ~the eyes ofhis people, they are high and precious in the efl:eeme and hearts of the Saints. Do not feare, trullyour : ho~oNr~, your dignities and riches with , God : thete was never any thing loft in : a fdfe.denying way for lefus Cbrill1 .· nothing~an make you more honoura- : b1e then the waies of godlioeffe, 2nd · nothing can-caR: that contempt, and .lbame upon you, as the waies of fin do, it being the bafeft fervitude that is, both for your felves and all your eftates and honours,to bennderthe power of your lufts: As you wotil~ account it agrearercontempran'd lhame for you, to be made to ferve in the meaneR: and bafeft worke that is, ·then ifan ordi~~ry' man lbould be forced to it : then fu.rely it is '· morecontemptible for you tO bee Un- ' derthe fiavery of ftnne, then for~n o~- . dinary man. · Saint ~h!.J!!l1omt comp.ares .men of , ·, _great quality ~· in the world w~o , are · ~tcked,