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Mofes hiJ Selfo.. tleniAU. r1 1 menttobe,padjnthofewaies; they fee . _-- fo~ing more gl<?rious that makes ' tile mfo Jittle.to regard the glory tfiat t 1ere is in the things of the World; when men might' h~ve all cop:te~t in what the World affor~s, and y~t they are willing_to de~ all for Chrifr, fu~ely tfiey finde much fweernelfe fn Iefu~ . ~ll, t at tai<es up -their hearts, and fatisfies their foules, or elfe they would never~ aoe ~s they doe; they have found ' ' lomething beder thenall thefe things, fomething that the world knowes not of, that makes them doe as they doe, ·they would .not let g0e their hold in thefe outward things, were it not they had found fomething better. Ifyou fee a Bee leave a fain~ flower .and fiicke upon another,you maY'COQ.• elude, that the findes moll Honey-dew in that flower !be moft fticks upo,n: So here Gods people would never leave fo · many fa ire Bowers in the Worlds gar.. den, had they not fome other in which they findemoft fweetneffe; Cbrift hath . his Garden, into wlaich hee brings his beloved, and there flie finds·other man· .ner of flowers thea . any the World / · · bath,