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inflnice Ocean ofEternitie were before thee, and d~ouwert toenterinuponit;· eirhe.r for thy etcrna:ll happineffe or e- 'ternall miferie~ Suppofe now thou fi oodft before the gre:tt. God, to receive the Sentence ofthy ecernall Doome,to . have the great quefiion ofthy everlafi:- · ing dlate to be abfolutdy and u~alte- · · rablydeterminedof. Now wouldfucb ,a faith, as thou hafi: , ca~ry through · thde things· ~ Would it uphold·thee · · from finking into the bottomeleife : GuHe of Defpaire l This may be thy , ' condition; thou kno well not how foon; I a~d chat F_ Jith that ~~o~ nan, o£ wh~t · ufe would 1t be to thee, 1n fucb a condt• tion as this? Ifever thou beelt faved, thou Jttufi: . ~ave fuch aFaithasfhdlbeable coup .. : hold thy heart, and keepe it unto G,o'd, . I whenfoever (uch a condidon iliall be- . fall: though Faith be weilke, yet ifit be true, it enables the Souleto'lay fuch fafl: . hold on God, as whatfoever befals .it, can never take offthe Soule fro'm God . againe. Be therefore perfwaded ,- th'at F ~ith is another manner,of Grace then , you imagined it to be: where Faith is : \ N _ tr':le, ·