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Mofes his Selfde»ia/1. trUe)it will do more then carry through ourwa.rd £heights, and hardfh.ips, it will carry throug~ f pirituall {heights ; into _iwhich I have made a little digreflion, that I might convince men,that they miftakein ~hat which they call F t~ith. , .. -· No wonder, th4i men D{ great parts . (wanting .F ai~h) d~e foB 1f from chrijl, · infi: IJetrt~y his,Caufe. ( ;:(r :.. · · ·J'f 'it be Faith that mufl carrv men ·fhrough fufferings, and fuch akind of Faith.as yQu ·have had op ~ ned to you; lear-ne then not to be oftended., when i . I yA1U fee men fall off iLl the time .of try- · \ all; for all .men have not Faith : wee {hou'ld be DO more trO~lbled at it, then .. when we fee dri~ leaves fall o.ff\he Tree. by a {trong Wtnd : It they want the I l t P. rin&iple that ilioutd carry them rhorow; I what wonder is it if they fall away ? 1 'Whadoevermenspdrts or gifts be,wh~ti foever profe(fion they-make, yet if the I ; {hi reot Fahhappearesnot in them w~e ar: ro c::xpect noth:ng elk from them; t 1 ...- . . \'l here 1 ' . .. -;~-·--:-.-~~