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Mofes his Stlft·dtniJl. Chrift,as Sg,r4tes reports of them.Th.eo"" . ;/1jius did manifdl: it indeed in the wor~ of his humiliation for his ftnne, in the whole Church, cafiing himfelf down upon the pavement, weepi~g, and .la~ menting for hisfinne in the face of the whole congregation , whi'h many haughty fpirits, though much inferiorto him, would have fcorn~d to doe. Meane offices, if in fervice to Prin~es, 1Jt•/ffllirt~ ~re. accouored honourAble: the mafier regnaruft. _of t'l!e horfe, thegroome ·of the fioole, they dl:eeme thefe offices an honoura· ble addition to their nobility, the chi~.,. · ·fell: of rhe nobility of a kingdom thittk themfelves not difgraced bur ho'noured by them : ··fball any fervice then, per.. formed in obedience to,for the honour ot the high arid.b1dfed God, bee .ac.. · . '?untc:d diilionourable,too low ~or_ the 1 htghefi on earth ~ - Secondly., they mull: den;y them"!' 2~ • [e lves in being willing to joyne with tbof<" Pf lower degree in any way of ,bo_~ounng God. Thus S. Paul, 1.1111 . ~ l· I 6 . c:xhorrs ro condifcena to me:n i of low d~gree: Saintlliertm~, in ~is for- I n1er Eptfile to PAmachi~~t, would . · · -· have