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(i,£qutru pi!uperibus fnopun: cellMdignanur imrDeM~ Mof~s h!J Se/fo-JenyAil. have him equall himfrlfe with the poore, arid vtJuchfafe to goe into the cells ofthe netd y: tbe thoughts of no-. bilitie and dignity mu{t be latd ·downe, they mufi: be retufed, where God may ~ , b~e honoured, and fpir ituall goo::i at• tainc:d, in joyning .with thofe ~ hat are of an inferior ranke> wh(} it may bee . were in Chrift before us, and their ancefi:ors were more .godly then ours., who are far fllore hoRorabie in the des· of God, and his faints, then we: where greater graces fit belo_wus, lttt us tac:.. k~owledge thdr inward dignitie, as their inferiority does acknowledge our outward,emioencie. And when wee are willing to dpe thus, know that reafon, and religion, teacherh,thofe with whom we have to deale, to know and acknowledge that diftance, that G·od hath put bctweene us and them, never a w h~t the leffe to give uc; our due honours and refpeds, h•caufe wee are willing to lay them downe, and deny our fdvcs in them; they will looke on us with rhat refpett that Hier~m exprdies bimfelfe concerning PANt~ a virgin (whobyhc:rfa.. t~e~ • f