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l ·· .· · Mofes his . selft-delliA-ll. . ther was dcfcended of c/.£11t.u, and the Ge,er~1fohi­ . noble houfe of the Gr11ccb;, and by h~r tu, (mRit&- mether of Aga11tem11011) faying fhe \Vas ft ~~itller. by. birth noble, but by gr~c~ more n~ ble; bu·t let it bee accounted injqftice, that outward worth fhould be refpeaed which is the meaner, and tha~ ~ee · thould notackrowledge inw~rd worth, _.which is the better. Thirdly, we mu(\:' deny our felves, . by being wjlling to fuffer the m.oft. difgracefult thing that can bee put up· ·on us f~r the_ caufe of Chrill:: though welhouldhave all our kindred frowne upon us, and call: us off, ·and fcorne, and ~ccount us as a difgrace unto them, we muft be wil ing to bee deprived of ritlesofhonour, ofall ourefi:ates, of all . that glory we have, that W('e are borne I unt!' , tobeimprifoned, to cndureany l ~inde of torture, or death that God lhall call us unto for his names fake: Rom4»11~ · that blelfed Martyr was of nob le birth, and yet endured extreame tortures f~r ~hrifr, when they whipt · hi.s'body "'itk coards rhat had lead~ at the end ofthem,fo a~ they tore his fdh, chat his very ~o~cls were feene, yet hee