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28 Mofe;. his Selfi-Jenyall. hee cryed out to his rormer: tors, that they !hould n,'Jt ip1re him for his : rh,t~l:l.lib.i." noble birth. Theodcret repQtts of Hor- :~IP·l~· mifJAa nobleman in the King of Perji4 his Court, becaufe be would not deny Chrift, he was put into r~gged clothes, dtprived ofhis honours,and fc:tto keep the Cameh, after:a long time, rhe king teeing of him in that bafc condition he was, anJ remembring his formt r for· tunes, he pit tied 'him,and caufed.him to be brought into the palace, and to bee . loathed againe likea noble mao, and hen pefwades him to deny Chrift; he · ·prefentl y rends his filken cloathes, and fayes, If for thefe you thinketo ~a ve mee deny my faith, take them ~gaine : and fo with fcorne he \,Vas call out. · · l_t is report~d like wife of one S4mes 1Jifl.'r1'ip. t;b.to.c.p. a noble man., who had and maintained I... - a thqufand fer.vants of his owne, yet w~s d,eprived of all his eftate by the \ King ot Perfi.4, and was compelled to ferve one of the moft abje.:t and · bafe of his'owne fervants to whom the ~ing~ gaye .his l\~ife t~hat by this ~canes bee n)igl1t cauie him to deny ,". " "'' · ,, ·- · · · "· ~he