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the faith~ but bee nor at all moved, kept his faith intire, 1 willingI y futfer... ing all this wrong and indignity for Chrifi:; we have divers later examples ofmen of noble binp, who have been willing ~o fuffer great things for Iefus Chrift, and in this hat·e lhewne the true greacndfe oftheir f pirits. As that truely noble Marquelfe of Tiel, MArtus GAltt~&ius, whole fiory is famous, and will make him honorable in all fucc~eding ages ; He was a . CourG tier to the Emperour ChArles the fifth, Nephew to P6pePAuJche fotuth MAT• IJIIe/{e1{ Yic1, whiCh is one of the para... dites ofN~tplts, Naples , ~~ .. paradife of Italy, and ltAiy of :&r1pe;·~ ENrfljJtof the.earrh; his father was not ondy a M~trqueffi, but was fo in favour with the Emperour,as he wasjoyncdequally in commiffion with the viceroy of Naples, to fway the Sc~ pter of that Kingdom; his mother was of honorable paren. tagc,her brother was PAJI the fourth 1; his Lady was the daughter to the Duke of Niceri4, one of the principall Peers · of lt11/y :yet being brought to hear a. Sermon of P~ter Mar~yrs, G·od pleafed·· Jo