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J - jo . Moles h/6 Selft~dtlfit~U. ~ · fo to work upon his fpirit, that he be.. , gan to enter .into fcrious thoughts) r' whether his way were right or nor')', then to rake up a cdnfi~nt exertife of I reading the Scriptures, tben to change 1 his (ormer company; .and to make choi(c of better: his faiher ~as moved aginfi: him with fuarpendfe, his ladj wrought what the could ,by ·teares; complaints, imreaties~totake him off fi'om that way: the mo{~ pa.: t of the NO'- Me men, in, and about N~rpleJ, b~ing d. ther his kimed or familiar friends_ 1 they continually refoi,ted tQ him,to take him off eo follow their old pleafur~s rogether,yet at laft having turther light ltt into his foul, to fee riot only the necc ffity of fame tt.uths that he _undedl:ood ' not.befQre, but likewi~e of delivering himfdfe from th;lt id9latry th~t heapprehended himfdf de: filed with; there~ fore · his refolutions were ftrong. to l~ave court >and father , and honours, & inheritance, to ioyn hirnfelfe to a rrue Church of Goq ;and according to this his refolution he went away : much ' means were u!ed to cal! hi&n ba~~; greJt offers ofriches & preferments to cJra ~- him~ · , .