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The Rtlre Jewel of Chriftian Contentment. 8'!' knew they are not able to manage it , and therefore you will not give it them, and when they come to fo much underflandiog ~s to knovv that they are not able t.o manage it, they will not cry for it ; fo we woul9 not cry for fu ch and fuch things if we knevv that we were not able to manage them : when you vex and fret for what you have not , I may fay to you as Cbriit · faith, JOII k_now not of what Spirit JbH are of. It was a fpeech of Oecolt~mpadius to Pllrillus, faith be (when they were fpeaking about th1s extream poverty ,)Not fo poor, though 1 have been ve· ry poor, yet I would be poorer, I could be willing to lie poorer than I am, for the truch is ( as if he fhould fay ) the Lotd knew tha-t that was more furable to me, and I kne'N that my ow1_1 hearc was fuch, that a poor conditioo_ was more f1:1table to me than a rich ; fo certa~nly would we fay if ~Ye knew otlr o~vn hearts, that fuch and fuch a condition is better for me than if it had been other· wife. The feventh Leffon,Is the burden of a projjerOPJs ef!au. Suc.h a one that comes into Chrifi's School to be infirutted in th1s Art, never .comes to attain to any great skill in this Art till he comes to underfland the burden that is in a profperous efiate. Object. You will fay, What burden is there in a p~ofperous efiate. · Anfw. Yes certainly a great burden, .and there needs a great , flrength to bear it : as men had need have flrong brains that can . ~ear flrong Wine, fo they had need of thong Spirits that are able to bear ·profperous conditions, and not to do themfelves hurt ; there's a fourfold burden in a profperous efiate. Many men and women look at the fhine and glittering of profperity, but they little think of the burden , but there's a fourfold burden. I. There's A hurdm of trouble. A Rofe bath its prickles ;and fothe Scripture faith, That he that will be rich, pierceth hir»felf through with many {orrows , - I Tim. 6. I e. If a mans heart be fet upon-it that he mull: be rich , and he wilt be rich • fuch a man wiii pierce himfei.f throngh with many farrows ; 'be looks npon the delight znd glory of riches that appears outwardly,, _ but he confiders not what pietcing forrow_s he may m~t with- . - al.