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, _ ( S6 7he R4re Jewel of Chriflia?J Comentmenr. all in t_hem : The c~nfide_ration of the troubte in a .profperol1J condttiOn I hne d1vers tm~es thought of, and I cannot tell by what 6milirude to exprefs 1t better, than by travelliiJg in fom:e Champion Country, rthere round about is very fair and fandy ground, and you fee there a r own a great 'way at in -a bottom, and you think, 0 how bravely is that Town feared 1 But when you come and ride into the tG~vn, you tball ride thtvugh a dirty lane , and through a ccmpany of fearful dirty holes , and you could not fee the dirty lane and holes when you were two ,or three miles off : fo fomerimes we look upon the profperity of men, and think fuch aman lives bravely and comfortably, but if we did but know what troubles be meets withal in his family, in his efiate , in his dealings with men,, we would not think hrs condition fo happy. One may have a very fine new tbooe, btrt 110 body knows where it pinches him, bur he that bath it on : fo you think fuch and fuchmen ·are bappy, but they may have· ma~y troubles that you-little tbiok of. z. Thereis a burdenofJJ11ngfr in it. 'Men that are in a profperous condition they are in a great deal of aanger ! you fee fometimes in the evenir.g when you light up your Candles, the Moths and the Gnats will be flying up and down in the Candle, but thay fcorch their winH, and thete they fall down dead .; fo there is a great deal of danger in a profperous e!late, thofe men that are fet upon a rinacle on high , thefc men they are in gr~ater danger than other men are. Honey ~ve "know doth invit~ B.ee! and Wafps unto it; and fo the fweet of profperity doth invite the Devil and Tempration. Men that are in a profpero~s efiate, are fuhjeCl: to many temptations that other men are not G.lbjeCl: to. The-Scripture calls rhe Divel Bul-~ebub, that iS', the ~od of Flies; ar:d fo Bce/·;,..ebHb comes where the honey of ·.profperity is: They are in ver-y great danger of temptations that are in a profperons condition. The dangers of men lbat are in a : profperous efiate, that have more than others,.£hould be confidered of by thofe thit are lower ; think with thy felt , Though tbey be above me, yet they are in more dar·ger than I am ; the tall Trees'are more fuattered a great deal than low frnubs : fo ·you.kno\V the fu~p that bath all the fails up, the top fail and all ·in a fiorll'!, this is in more danget than that that hath all the fails ~ · - · drawn