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The Rar~ Jewel of Chriftian Conrentment. 87 drawn in : And 10 meo tbat have (neir T op-galiadt, aod all u[J and brave, they are more hl\c tub~ drowned , drowned in perdicio;! {har1otb: r me .l.an: ; and cherefoie you .know what the Swptu(~ iahh, n'JW hard it is for a rich man to enter into the, Kt gd· l.m'of Heaven : fuch a Texdhould make poor people to be co,;temed with their eflates. We h~ve a notable example for that 111 the Cblldre:1of Kohath, you !lull find that they were in a more excdlent efl:ate than the othet of the Levitu, but they were in more d1nger than the other, and more trouble. Fidl That the Children of Kohath were in a higher conditionthan other of che Levius, that I'll thew you out 9,f the 4th. of Nitm-b.4. 'fer. there you fhall find what tbeir condition was. This flva!L be the /ervice of the fons of Kohath in the T t~~btrnlllcle (if the Congregation lllbou: the moft holy thintJ· Mark,the Levires wete exercifed about holy things ; but the Sons of Koh:~th,thei" fervice was atx:ut the woft holy things of all _: and you fhall find 111 the 2 Ivof Ja[ht~l4, verf. 1 o. That God d1d honor the fans of K"ohatb in a more fpedal manner than he did honor the othe( Levites, which honor the Children of Aaron ( being of the families of the K~hathiw, who were of the Children of Lwi) had, for theirs was the fidt Lot , and they were prefen:'d before the other families of Levi, thofc: that were imployed in the mofi honorable jmployment,they had the mofi: bonorabfe Lot, the firfl Lot feU to them : Thus you fee God honored the Children of the Koh~tthitu.But (might other Leviw fay )how bath God prefen'd this family before us ? They were honored more thari the othc!l were: But now, mark their burden that comes with their honor, and that I will fi1ew you out of two Scriprur~g, firlf is, Num. 7· 6,7,8,9.And Moftstoo{ztheW;~gomand Oxen, andgave thlfll until the Lwius ; ho Wagons and for1r Oxm he gave unto the /ons of Gerflmn, acc~rding to their (ervice:and four IJl~tgMs A"tl tight Oxm he gave unto the fons of Mert~ri, ~~ecording-Nnto their (ervic~,. under the hand of ltf?amarthe {on 4Aaron the Priejf. But faith he ( verf. 9· ) Unto the fons r,f KiJ'h.~th he g•ve nom ;, , btcaN[e the fervict of the Sanflu;~ry thAt beltmged smto therni """''That they fhou!d bet~~r upon their jb.oH/ders. Mark,the other _ Levites had o~en and Wagons give~ unto tbem, to eafe them·of their fenice; 6ut (faith he) to the (ons of Koh11th he gave none, , - ·- · but .r