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} · 12 The rare Jewel of Chriftian Contencmenr• .J remember I ba~e rea~l of a Jew.ial T~adition that they fay or 11 z.,z.,iah, when God ltru<.k /tz.,z.,tah With a Leprofie, tbey fay that the beams of the S:.m was darted upon the forehead of !tz...- ~iah, and he was flruck with a Leprofie with the darting o~ the ·,.f>earns of the Sun upon his fore-head; rhe Scripture faith,lndeed thepdefls looked upon him; out tbey-f~y there was a fpecial Iightaod beam of the S~n upon thdore bead that did difcov.er the Leprofie to the PrieR:s, and they fay it was the way of con- "eying of it. Whether £hat were .true or no, I am fure this is rrue> that the flrong beams of the Sun of profperity upon many men makes them to be leprous; Would any poor man in the Country have beer; difcontented that he was not in Uz.,z.,i11hs condition? He was a great King. I but there was the Leprofie in his for~-head; the poor man mayfar,though I live meanly in the,Country,. yet I thank God my body is whole and found, would not any man rather have rufitr & skins ofbeafls to cloath him with thefHo have fattin and velvet that lhould have the plague ~n it; The Lord conveys thd'l~gue .of hiscurfe through profpemy, as much as through any thmg m the world , and' therefore the foul coming to underltand this,this makes it-to be 4!Uiet and content. And then. Spiritual Judgments- arc tl3c gmtte/1 Judgmrnts of ~~~; the Lo~d Iaies fudi an Affiilhon upon my ounvard efiate, but what if he had raken away my life , .A mans health is agreater mercy then his eHate ; and you that are poor people you 1hould' _confider of tkat ; But is the health of amans body better than his efiate. what is the hea!th of a mans fou-l; that's a great deal bette~; 1 he Lord bath infli6ted external judgments; but ne bath not infliCI:ed fpiritual Judgments upon thee, he· bath not tiven thee up to hardAefs of heart, and uken away the fpirit of prayer from thee in thine affiiCl:ed eflate, Oh theo be of good comfort, though there be outward affii6lions upon thee, yet thy foul thy more excellent part is not :~ffiieted. Now when th~ foul comes to underlland this, that here ·lies the fore wrath ofGod, to be given up to a mans deft res,& for Spiritual Judgments to be npon a man, this quiets him, and . conteqts him, thou9h outward affiiC\:ions be upon him; perl!.aps ohe of a mans children hath the fit of ap ague, e' the - tooth.·