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9'3 ~--------------~------------~ 1 be rare Je-Wel of" ~hrtjtian Contentment toeth-acb, but perhaps his next neighbor bath the p1ague, or all his~Children are dead of the plague, now thall he be fo difcontented, Secaufe his children have the iooth-ach when his neighbors children ate dead ? Now think thus, Lord thou bafl laid an affliCted condition upon me, but Lord thou bafl not given me the plague of a hard hear~. Nmv take thefe eight thing' before mentioned, and lay them together, and you may well apply that 9cripture in l[11. 29 the lafl verfe, faith the text there 7 hty al[o tbat trred inSpirh'J (h ~/1 comt to underjl.ttJding;and they that mHrmrmtl. foal/ learn Dorlrine. Ha rh there be.en any o_f yoLJ(as I fear many may be fotmd)rhat have erred in fpiric, even in regard of this truth that now ~e are preach_ing of, and_~y thac have murmur~d, Oh that thts day you mtght come to underHand, that Chrifi tVould bring you into his School,an d teach y0u underflanding, And they that rmmnured fba!L !urn Doflrine· : what DoCtrine thall they learn? There eight D0Ctrines 'thn I . have opened to you.And if you will but throughly fludie thefe Ieffons that I have fet before your eys : It ~vill be a fpedal help and means to cure your murmuring againfl, and repinings at the hand efGod : And fo you will come to learn Chrifiian Contentment. The Lord teach you throughly by his Spirit t~efe Leffons of Contentment. ' ;_..;._~ ........ ~~ ....... ---· __ -.:.,._ __ ---- - - - ____ .., ---· - SERMON. ~---~,.._._.......,,_.;;__-..,- ___ .._........._... __ ,.._ ~ ., '< ~- - - - - • ·'