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~94 The rare Jtwel of Chriftian ContenrmeQt. SRRM0NVI. ,uStepney.Aug.31. 1645• P' HIL' .... II. -F6r liMve lt~trmd in r:~hat[oever flll:e I ""'' e/,ermith t1 be CMtent. · I Shall only add one Leffon more in Lc:arning of Contencment, and then Uhall come to the Fourth Head, The Excellencv ofContentment. The Ninth ;l'ld lafl Le!fon that Cbrill teaches thofe that he cloth inHruet in this Art ?f~onte~tment, It iJ the right ~nowledg of GodJ Providence, and therem are thefe four tbmgs. I. The ltniverfa/it) of Providence, that the foul mull be throughly inArueted in to come to this Art, to underfiand the Univerfality ofProvidence,that is; how the Providence ofGod ;goes throur:h the whole world,e.xtends its felf to every thing:not only that God by ·his providence doth rule tbe ·world, and go-· ·vern all thing~ in generall,but that it reaches t_o every p_articular., not only t0 Kmgdoms, to order the .great affaus of Kmgdoms, ·but it reaches to every mans Family, it reaches to every perfon in the Family, it reaches to every condition, yea, to every pafl'age, to every thing that falls out concerning thee in ·every particular , not one hair falls from thy head, not a Sparro.Y to the ground without the providence ·of God, There~s nothing befaJis thee, good or evit, but there is a provjdenceofthe Infinite Eternal Firfl·heing in that thing, and lherein indeed is Gods Infinitenefs, that it reaches to the Jea(t thingsJ to th~ leall worm that is under thy feet: Then much more it reaches unto thee that art a rational Creature, the Providence Gf God is more fpecial towards rational Creatures than any others : The underflanding in a fpiritual