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•rdtr rtf things on~ roo~-~ing ~o1Mrds · 4ncther ; there is infinite variety of the works ot God man erdinary pri3vidence, and yer all work in an ordet>ly way; we put tbefe two together, for God in tbe way ofh is providence ·caufes a -tboufand thoufand t!'linos one to de'pend upon anojher, tH~re.ate :fnfinite feveral Wheels (as I may fay) in the works of providence, · aH the works chat ~ver God did from·all eternity or ~ver will do, put them all toge ther,and all make up but ·one work, and they have ~een as kveral wheels that have had their orderly mot ion to attain the end that God from all ecemity barb appoimed: We - indeed look at things by piec.e~, vve ' look at one parcicnlu· and do not cenlider the reference that one thin,gllarh to another . but God · he looksar all r.hin~s at once, and ·fb:s the reference 'rhat one tbing bath to another : As a Child tba·t looks upon a Clock, looks fu-Ql!Pon one wheel, an9' then _upon any o:h.er whe<;l, he looks not at all together, or1 the dependance that one hhh upon another, but the workman bath his eys upon all together .and fees the dependance of all one upon another, and tke Art tharthere is in the dependence·of one upon another ; fo it is in Gods providence. Now obferve how thi'f vvorks to Contentment; ~here' there is fuch a pa~age of providence befats me, tlrat'~one . wheel,_and it may be if this wheel ffiould be Hopt there rnighr a thol:ltarid other wheels com·e to be. flopt by this: as in a Clock; flop but one ·wheel and 'you flop · ~very wheel, becaufe they have dependance one upon another : fo when God bath ordered a thing for the prefent to _oe thus and 'thus, hoiV do'll thou ·know how · man'y~ things do depend upon this thiDg f . God may have fome ~vork that ~ be' bath to do twenty years·hence that xpay depend upon this paffage of providence, that fats qut this day, or this ,week. And here (by the way ) we may fee a ·great deal of evil_tba·t there is }n ~ifconter1t, for thou wouldell have · Gods prov1dence altered m.fuch an.d fuch a.particular, indeed if it were only in tplt · particular, and that had reference to noth_in~ .elfe'it ~vere not fo much' bllt by thy defire to have t~y \~ill in• fu:h a pa\'~i,cular,. it m~y ~,e thou wouldefi crOfs <.iod m a thoufand ,thmgs that he bath to bring about: becaufe it is po!Iible there m~y be~ thounir~d . things'; depend .upon . t~at one . thiog that ti&u .vvouldeftr. fam have