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.have CO be otherWJ[e than jt r~; , jutt as-if ' a child ili0uld cry.:ou: and (ay, Let but that one .wheel flop; though he ft ith but one wheel, yet if that ftop, it is as m·nch as if he lhould fay, they muft all (top: So in providence, let but th is one.paffage of PiO·- vidence (lop, it is :i$ much as if a thoufar.d fiop'd : Lee me therefore be quiet and content;, for though I be croft ic feme o :~e . particular, God attains his end, at lealt his end :nay be further.ed . in a thou(and things by ehis o:1e thing ,that I am crofi in; there- .fore let a ma'n confider, this is an aet or providence, and how do I know what God JS about to do, and how many things depend upon th1s providence? Now we are willing r~ iuffer our fri.er.ds w1ll to be croft in one thing, fo that our friend may attain to what he defires in a chou[and things : If thou haft a love and frie ndlbip to God, be W1Iliog to be croft in fome few tbings1that tbe Lord may have hts Work go on in the univerfai, in a · thou -:- fand of othenhin3s. No.i'V, That's the tbird th ing to be under- -fiood in Gods providence, that_Cbrifi doth learn thofe that he teacheth in the A.tt of Contentment. 4· CbriH: teacheth them the knowledge ofProvidence;that .is, The k..,now!edge of Gods tJjuai way in his dt;~/iN[, with his Peopl~, more p11rticuia r-ly. The other is, Tbe knmvlecge of God in his .Pcov1dence in gem:ral: B'.lt the right underfianding of the way of God in his piOvidence towards his People and Saints, is a n~table LefTon to help us in the Art of Contentment. If we come once to know amans vvay and courfe, vve may better fuit, .and be contented to Jive with him tham before we cam: to .knoi'V bis vtay tnd courfe : As 1vhen a man comes to live in a fociety with men acd \Yomen, i~ may be the men 2nd women may be good, but till a man come'S to know their, way and courfe, and difpofition, many things m2y f<Ul very cw[s, and we think they' are very hard, bat when 1ve come to be acquainted with their way and fpirit, tben •ve can fu it and concur rvit h them very well { and the reafon of om tr.ouble is, becanfe we do not-underlland their way. So it is with you, thofe tbat are but as {!:ra ngers to God~ ard 'do not underHand the way of Go~, they are troubled with the providencer of God, and they· think them very fhange, and ·cannot te\INhat to make of them, beca ll fe they underHand not the ordinary courfe ar;d vvay of . ·P God