Burroughs - HP BV4647 C7 B87 1670

({_ that he might exalt, he d~th kill, thlt he might mak~ alive, ne . cloth confound, that he m1ghr glonfie; this is the. way of God ( fairh he ; ) but (faith 'he) every one do eh not underftand this, t.his is-the·Art of Am,and the Science of.Sciences) the KnO\Vledge of l{;nowledges to underftand this, that God doth ufe when he will bring life, he cloth bring it out of death, he brings joy out of forrow, and he brings profperity out ·of adverGry, . ye3, md many times he brings Grace out of Sin, that is, makes ufe of fin to work furrherance of Grace ; it is the way Gud to bring good out of ev1l; · nor only to overcome the evil, but to make the evil to work .towards good: here's the way of God: no>v wben the foul comes to underfhnd this, it will take afl/ay our murmuring, and b:ing Comenrment·into our fpirits: But! fear there are bu.t fevv that underfiand it arighr,perhapsthey.read of futh things, and bear of fuch things in a Sermon, but they are no.t\ by Jefus CbriH infhu6ted in this, that this is the way of God, to bring the greate~ good out of ,the Ereateft e.:_vi1. Thus having difpatch'd the Third Head, tb~ Leffons that rve are . to learn; we come to the Fourth, and that is, Th"t excellency tf this Gr~ce of Contentment: And there, is a great deal of ex~ellency in Contentment; that is a kind of,l.dfon too for us to learn. And this Head Iikew.ife vvill be Jomewhat long. " S;ith the Apofl:le, I h11ve learned. As i fb~ l11ould fay, Bleffed .be God fQJ tbis: Ob ! 'it is a mercy.of God to me that I have I earned this LefiiJn;J_.find fo much good in this Contentment, , th4t I would not for l World but have it: I have learned it, fa·.itb he. . No1v the ~ery Heitqen> hari a fight · of a ·great Excei!cr. cy tha~ there is in Contentment.I (emenibe; I h:we read ~of A~ti{f .. h;nes a -Philofoph~r,;that deft red of his Gods (rpe3kb;rg ~frer tb e Hearbeni!h vvav) nothing itJ this \Vorld to m~ke his- life happy, but CONTEN-TMENT; and if he migbt-h.lve any thing that he would defir~ to make h~s life ha-ppy' he:~~ou!d ' a~k of t~em,_ That he might-have tne fpirit ef. -Soef·ates, . that he -~igqt have. fuch a fpirit a·s Socrrlt~s pad, to ,be abl~ -:to' bear _.any ·VV{O?~, : ~ny, · lnJunes