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The rare Jewel o/Cbriftian Conteimnent. inJuries that ac: met withal, and to continue in a quiet temper of fpirit whatfoever befell him; for that was the temper of Socraw, wAateyer bt;fell him, he continued the fame man; whatever crofs befell h1m, no body could per'Ceive any alteration of his !·pirir, though never fo great croffes d1d befall him. This a Heathen did attain eo by the Hreogth of Nature, and a common work of the fpirit : No~<v thi~ Antifih(nes faw ft1ch an excellency in this fpirit: As when God faid to Su!omon, What fhall I glVe thee? he asked of God Wifdome : fo faith he, If the Gods tbould put it to me to know what I would have, I iliould defire this thing, .that I might ha ve the fpuit of Svo-l:_ates : he faw a great excellency that there was in this. And certainly, a Chri- {tian may fee :abundance of excellency in it: I £hall labour to fet it out to·you in this Sermon, that you may be in love with tbis Grace of Contentment. ' In the fidlplace, By Contentmmt we come to give God that wor(hip thilt is due to him: It is a fpecial part of Divine Wor- Sre thiso.. - !hip that we owe to God, If we be content in a Chrillian waypenul. at according as bath been opened ro you; I fay it is a fpecial part large in o(rhe D1vine Wodbip tb~ t the Creature owes to the infinite Gofpe l.- Creator, in that I do tender that refpe& that is due from me to Worlh~p, the Creator. The \Voids that the Greeks have th-at fignifie to :~.r;·tn.r. \VoP!hip, it is as-much as to come and crouch before another,as · • ' a dog fuould come crouching unto you,&-be wiliing to lye down · at your. feet ; fo the Creature in the apprehenfion of its O\Vn bafene{re, and the i1 fi 1ite Excellency that there is in God above · it; when ir comes to worihip God, it comes and crouches to · God, and it lies dowt1 .at the feet of God, then doth the Creature wodhip God. When y~ fee a dog come crouching to you, and you can make him wit~ holdi Pg your hand over ~ liim to lye doNn at yot'lr feet; then coniider, ~bus D.1on!d you do before the Lord, you {hould c.:lme crouching to him, and ' lye doiYn at his feet ·even upon your backs or bellies, to lye · down in the d ~ 1fl: before him, fo as to be 1villing that he fhould · do with you what be W1ll J .as !omecimes you may rurn a dog· this ·vvay and that way up and dovvn with the hand, and there he !yes before yon, according to your fhevving -him with your hand f So when the Crea~m.c ibaH come and Jye dovvn thus be- ~ fore