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The rare Jewel of Chrijfia~ Contentment. I o9 this is the fpecial diGemper that the Devil fa!lens upon, when he brings men and Nomen to give up their fouls to him, it is upon difcontent: 'That's the ground of all thofe th,lt have been. Witches, and fo have give·nup themfelves to the Devil, the rife of 1t bath been their difcontent) and. therefore it is obfervable, thu thofe the Devil worketh upon to make tb~m Witches, ufu- ,ally they are old and melancholly people, and women efpecially,and toofe thatareof the poorer fort, that are ditcontent at home, their Neighbours trouble them and veJ~: them, and their fpirits are weak, and they cannot bear it, fo upon that the Devil fafiens his temptations, and dra1vs .them to any thing, if they be poor, then he promifeth them money; if they have revengeful fpirits, then he tells them taat he will re'Venge them upon fuch and fuch perfons, now this guiets and contents them. Oh! there's matter of temptation for the Devil,where he meets with adifcontented fpirit. As Lutber faith of 9od, God doth not dwell in Baby/on, but in Sa/em, Baby/on fign,ifies confuGon, and Sa/em fignifies peace; now God cloth not dwell in fpirits that are in a confufion, but lie dw.ells in peaceable and qu;et fpirits ; 0, if you would free your felves from temptations, labour for Contentment : It is the peace of God that guards the heart from temptation. I remember I have read of one M arius c~rio, that when he had bribes fent him 'to tempt him to be onfaithful to his Countrey, he was Gcting at home at dinner with a dilh of Turnips, and th~y came· and promifed him revvar.ds; faith he, that man that' canoe contented with this fare that, I have, will not be tempted with your¥ reward~, 1 thank God I am,content with this fare, and as for refVatds, let them be C\ffered to thofe that cannot be content eo dine with a 'dilh of Turnips: So, the truth is, we fee it apparently.,that the. reafon 1vhy many d'o betray their trufi in their employment & fervice for the Kingdome, becaufe ,they cannot be comented to be in a -Io·.v condition. Let a man be contente·d to be in a low condition, and to go meanly clothed, if Gcd fees it fit, fuch a mari is lhot-free (as I may fo fay J from thoufands Of temptations of the Devil, that do prevail againfi tthers, . to Lhe damning of theit (ouls: Too many people are leO'e concerned in th~ dange11